Media Consulting & PR Crisis Management

Maybe you’ve never had a run-in with reporters. Or you’ve simply dodged the bullet.

Maybe you’ve never been the subject of truthless rumors. Or you’ve also dodged that bullet.

Maybe you’ve never had a crisis. Or, you simply haven’t had one yet.

A crisis, after all, doesn’t have to be a building explosion leading to fatalities.

A crisis doesn’t have to involve harassment charges or contaminated company food. A crisis merely could be an urgent, unexpected, or unwanted demand to communicate with the public through the media. And clients,

 customers, investors, business writers, and opinion-makers are paying close attention …

Is your team ready? When reporters rush in and say, You’re on, do your colleagues know how to manage the process or will they let the process control them?

Our training team has a rich complement of professional skills and experiences focused on empowering middle and senior executives. With the confidence that comes from our knowledge and insights, next time a reporter declares, You’re on… your team can control the interview process successfully.

A few minutes on the telephone now discussing this workshop could save your company a few hours, a few weeks, even a few months of high-profile agony later.

We’re ready to provide you with individual coaching and experiential training on a custom basis for anyone on your staff. 

Key Benefits

    • One-to-one coaching to prepare you for an imminent media interview 
    • Development of corporate message strategies and communication techniques 
    • Media crisis support from start to finish

Don’t let reporters reach you first!

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