Media Interview Guide

Ninety percent of all news is public relations assisted. Some news is good, a lot of it is devastating. How you handle a snarling reporter can make the difference between wounds and well-being. This booklet gives you 35 training tips to tame the mongrel and make him or her your best friend.

Key Benefits

  • How to handle a crisis news situation

  • Your rights as an interview subject

  • Avoiding comparisons and “the blame game”

  • Steps to keep channels of communication open

  • Techniques to capture headlines and lead quotes

  • Favorite tricks reporters use to get at the truth

  • How to commit public relations suicide

  • What top executives must know about the media

  • Dumbest mistakes people make answering questions

  • And Much More

To acquire this media interview guide for $19.99, send a request to brent (a) Use “Media Interview Guide” in your subject line. We will contact you via email to make arrangements for payment through PayPal. After receipt of payment, we’ll email you an Adobe PDF of Executive Guide to Public Relations. If you have questions or would like us to call you, please indicate so in the subject field.

“‘Executive Guide to Public Relations: How to Train Mongrel Reporters & Get the News Written Your Way’ is comprised of 35 helpful tips on how to make the reporter your best friend.

“Subjects include: how to handle a crisis news situation; your rights as an interview subject; and steps to keeping channels of communication open. For example, Tip 12 says, ‘Be directly direct, directly.’ Green’s advice? To answer interview questions as directly as possible, avoid the temptation to editorialize, and when you don’t know the answer to a question, just say so.”


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